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A band for musicians and non-musicians alike.

Ashland blends different genres of music within the many varieties of rock that are present today and some of progressive artists of the past.  Creating complex rhythmical arrangements and catchy melodies without going over the listeners head. Ashland's version of "Progressive Music" is to move ahead and experiment....and not to attempt to create what has already been, like so many other bands do.

With 3 albums credited to their name, each album is very distinct from the previous one, giving the listener a different flavor each time.

    The band consist of Wayne Tapia (Guitars/Backing Vocals), Chad McMurray (Bass/Lead Vocals/Keys), Kevin Brooks (Guitars/Backing Vocals) and Dean Katona (Drums/Percussion).

B i o g r a p h y Ashland Facts (Facts you will probably forget when you exit this page)

Ashland's "Mysteries" - was a featured song on MTV's reality show "Undressed"

The Band Name - derived from a screen saver background that drummer "Dean Katona" had on his computer when he worked at Microsoft. Thinking of how small towns grow, big cities change is how the band progressed musically.

Bassist/Vocalist Chad McMurray - Owns a studio called  "Khaos Studios"

Corona Commercial - Ashland was a runner up to do a commercial for "Corona". “Featuring the band performing one of their songs in the commercial.

Guitar & Drums - As kids, Kevin Brooks used to play Drums and Dean Katona used to play Guitar.