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April 22nd 2018 - Unfortunately the new songs haven’t been tracked. We hope to finish this project in the near future.

May 2nd 2012 - The band has been working on pre-production for the new album. Song titles for the album so far are:

M I s e r a b l e   C l o c k

T h I s   T I m e

S t a r I n g   A t   T h e   S u n

L e s s   T h a n   Z e r o

B a n g ' n

U n e n t I t l e d   C a s t

G l a s s

April 30th 2013 - Ashland will be one of the featured artist to have their music played on a National Geographic TV show titled "Into The Drink". Into the Drink is a travel show like no other, taking viewers beyond the tourist map, and into the unknown. It's an intoxicating celebration of exotic destinations near and far, featuring electric diving, eclectic nightlife, vibrant spirits and colorful people..... We will keep you posted as to when this will air.

January 6th 2014 - Drum tracks have been completed on 2 songs. “Less than Zero” and the re-written version of “This Time”. We may even re-release the old version of “This Time” as well at some point. Something the Police did back in the mid-eighties with “Don’t Stand so Close to Me”….(Though personally I like the original version of that song better)