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 Dean Katona

(Drums & Percussion)

    I got my first kit at 16, a blue Vista Lite Ludwig 5 piece. I wanted a drumset at the age of 6, though my Mom would not hear of it  - or wanted to hear "it" at that time, so they got me a guitar instead. I played the guitar for 6 months, though I just didn't take to it.

    I took lessons for about 3 1/2 years off and on. Most of my "wood shedding" came from listening to my favorite bands over the years and playing to their music. I tended to gravitate more towards drummers - who in "my opinion - thought outside of the box", or were in bands that could mix different styles or other influences together, yet still make the songs sound very cohesive. I'm more of a musical contributor on the drums when designing rhythms, rather than your straight ahead player. I typically have played in bands where I’m allowed more freedom to design and contribute as an equal player. A few examples of bands I enjoy are - Soundgarden, Tool, Rush, Dave Matthews Band, The Police, Porcupine Tree etc. In the end though I'm just another drummer running with a passed torched from either current or previous drumming influences to continue finding my own style. Or maybe I'm just another tortured drummer trying to find my style.

Current Projects

Oceans & Enemies

Past Projects

Scarlet Friday (Original Rock, Jam Band, Jazz, Fusion)

Vital Signs (Rush Tribute Band),

Busted Stuff (Dave Matthews Tribute Band)

Equipment List

Equipment- 2 Yamaha Recording Custom Kits. Cherry Wood Colored Drum, sizes are 6", 8", 10", 12"(Rack Toms), 15" 18" Floor Toms, 24" Kick, and the black colored kit sizes are 6", 8", 10", 12"(Rack Toms), 14" 16" Floor Toms, 22" Kick. Snares "Chad Smith Signature Snare " 5 ½ Nickel Plated Shell", Yamaha 6 1/2" maple snare , Sticks "Silver Fox" Cymbals: 2 Zildjian 'A Custom' Crash Cymbals 16", 17", 2 Zildjian Rock Crashes 18", 2 Splash Cymbals each 8", 1 Sabian Cymbal Disc, 2 20" 'Wuhan' China cymbals , 1 pair of Zildjian Hi-Hats 13",

Pedals: by Yamaha and DW 5000.

Percussion consists of: 1 LP Cowbell, 1 LP Jam Block, 1 LP Tambourine, various other cowbells, shakers etc. Electronic Percussion: 1 double octave 'Mallet Kat' Midi Marimba controlled by a 'Roland Fantom XR' Sampler and Alesis Midi Controller. Hardware: mixed brands of: Yamaha, Pearl, etc. Dean Katona is currently endorsed by: Silver Fox Drum Sticks