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Wayne Tapia

(Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals)

The Unauthorized Musical Autobiography of Wayne Tapia

Being brought up surrounded by musicians, I guess I almost didn’t have a choice. While no instrument was really pushed on me, I found the guitar easy to access - mainly because there was always one or two around.

Early influences: Some of the first music I really remember mom letting me crank up were the dozens of classical albums she owned. The 1812 overture was especially appreciated because they used CANNONS in the recording - how cool was that? I grew up listening to the radio, so my tastes were

pretty diverse. The first time I heard Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was my big eye opener... how did 4 guys make all of that sound? Thus began my love affair with layering guitars and multi tracking. From there I found Led Zeppelin, Rush, Yes, and Black Sabbath among others... After finding a German import

 of The Mothers of Invention, and hearing Zappa’s crazy and mind blowing arrangements - I knew what I wanted to do. As the years passed, I learned the drums, bass, some keyboards, and various other stringed instruments.

When I’m not writing or playing music, I spend a lot of time pursuing my other career as a Certified Audio Engineer (graduated 2004 from ARTI), mixing sound for independent films, corporate video, television, as well as music under the name Red Neptune Productions.

Other influences include: The Ramones, Slayer, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, John Williams, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and the list goes on and on and on... (If I left someone off of the list that you think should be on it, tough shit)